Hispanic Nose Surgery

Much like many other Hispanics, Petra Bonilla of Queens New York recently opted for nose surgery to improve the appearance of her nasal tip which seemed to be bothersome because of a turned down appearance. At 32 years old, she decided to proceed with nose surgery. Petra Bonilla is similar to the 1.2 million other Hispanics that decided on plastic surgery in 2008, double the number from 2004, according to the ASPS. Many Hispanic women and men of all ages have selected nose surgery as a priority with the goal to preserve individual ethnics, but soften the appearance of ethnics on the nose.3-17-2014 11-37-23 AMThere are special considerations when it comes to nose surgery for Hispanics. For example, Hispanic skin tends to be dark, adding to the risk of excessive scarring following nose surgery. Since Hispanic nose surgery has unique considerations, it is important for Hispanics interested in nose surgery to seek out plastic surgeons that have experience in Hispanic nose surgery. Knowing that the number of plastic surgery procedures for Hispanics doubled from 2004 to 2008, it is also important to ask the plastic surgeon how many times they have performed nose surgery on Hispanics, including the number of times each technique was performed by the plastic surgeon . The good news is that the procedure may not be as invasive as it was years ago. Wide nostrils may be reduced through internal incisions through a more advanced close rhinoplasty approach. This eliminates the risk of visible excessive scarring. Flattened noses may be repositioned through internal incisions as well. Nose surgery for the nasal tip may involve external incisions on the nose. In this case and in the case of Hispanics that require open rhinoplasty with external incisions because of extensive goals, the external incisions used today are usually small and may fall into natural creases of the nose. There are also advanced scar remedies designed to speed up and enhance the healing process such as silicone sheets and laser therapy. Most often, a secondary revision surgery in not required to achieve optimal results. On the other hand, Petra Bonilla was not satisfied with the results of her nose surgery and decided upon revision nose surgery to refine the results. In most cases, people do not require revision nose surgery to experience satisfactory results. Hispanic nose surgery is on the rise and is expected to be for many other people of different ethnic backgrounds in years to come.

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