Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a serious medical procedure according to Las Vegas plastic surgeon Stephen Miller MD. Although it is elective, the body reacts to the trauma of cosmetic surgery is the same way as it would react in case of another surgery. Common risks associated with surgery include infection, bleeding, damage to nerves, blood vessels and muscles, drop in blood pressure, allergy, pain, delayed healing of the operated area. Apart from this the patient may experience dissatisfaction due to unmet expectations. The most important cosmetic surgery advice that could be given is to first evaluate oneself and check whether the surgery is really needed. Plastic surgeons can erase lines, wrinkles and fat, but they cannot change who you are.Once you’ve made up your mind, go a and after knowing the procedure he has advised, extensively research on it. A Certified Surgeon and clinical educator in plastic surgery, says that “cosmetic surgery itself actually carries very minimal risk if you put yourself in the hands of a qualified, certified, cosmetic surgery specialist – someone who has trained and devoted their career to the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery…the real risk lies not in the surgery itself, but in the misrepresentation and inexperience of certain a las vegas plastic surgeonDo not be the first one to try out new technologies. Do not go after cheap treatments. Do take second and third opinions about the surgeon and procedure. Go by the word of the mouth. Do not be afraid to ask the doctor about his credentials especially the anesthesiologist. Let there be no communication gap between you and the surgeon. Discuss your expectations and pros and cons of the surgery. Make sure you are emotionally and physically fit before getting the surgery done. Follow the instructions that are given and inform your surgeon about any previous or present medical conditions you have faced. If a patient has a history of cardiovascular, lung disease (due to smoking etc.) or obesity, there is an increased risk of complications like pneumonia, blood clots and heart attacks. Get acquainted with the problems involved with the procedure you will undergo.Liposuction is one of the most dangerous procedures; it should be undertaken only in extreme cases. Eye lifts and removal of bags beneath the eyes may cause permanent loss of eye lashes, eye dryness and at worst blindness. Post surgery may involve taking large doses of strong medicines like antibiotics, steroids and pain killers for long periods of time, causing long lasting ill effects on the body. Remember that cosmetic surgery is not an exact science and the body does not always react in predictable ways. Finally if you are not satisfied, do go back to the surgeon as many times as required. For advice on cosmetic surgery, do not depend on one source, ask, ask and ask.

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