Breast Reduction

Breast reduction procedure is one that is commonly undergone by women with large and oversized breasts. The procedure involves the removal of excess and unwanted fat in the breast, skin, and tissues of the gland from the breasts creating a well-shaped breast and also reducing the difficulties often encountered by women with oversized breasts.
breast reduction
If performed by a certified and competent surgeon in a reputable surgical center, breast reduction surgery can well be the best thing that ever happened to a woman or even man as it gives well-shaped breasts that are better proportionate to the body and an attractive bust line.

There are several benefits of having breast reduction surgeries in a reputable and reliable practice. One of such benefits is the reputation the practice has in delivering effective and natural looking results that gives the patient the desired shape.

Reputable practices also employ experienced and capable hands in to ensure the best result is gotten. They also have the latest in technology and techniques even as the surgeons undergo extensive trainings to always stay updated with the latest happenings in the surgical world all in an effort to provide quality services to their customers.

Breast reduction surgeries are of different techniques with each technique employed as the plastic surgeon deems fits after carefully considering the patient’s goals and other factors relating to the procedure. These techniques are used to address such issues as pendulous breasts, enlarged areolas, and heavy breasts.

There is the liposuction only breast reduction technique that removes extra fat stored in the breasts. It usually involves minimal scars as there are no major incisions or cuts.

This method is most suitable for younger patients with adequate skin tone. It is also the best for patients that want a complete solution to heavy and oversized breasts.

What the procedure does is to lift the breasts by a significant degree resulting in reduction in the breast size by more than 50 percent.
Another technique of breast reduction is the vertical only reduction mammoplasty. It involves making incisions around the areola and the inframammary fold.

Most patients that go for this technique are those wanting to remove about 1.7 pounds from each breast.
The result of this technique is a projecting, attractive pair of breasts with little scarring.

It is important to carry out a thorough research a before deciding on having a breast reduction surgery. Potential patients should find out about the different techniques employed and their respective risks.
Breast reduction surgeries should also be carried out in certified and accredited centers and by well experienced practitioners.

All things been equal and all factors carefully considered, patients of breast reduction procedures should expect a safe and comfortable procedure with satisfactory results.

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